Landscaping Units, Bushland & Macrophytes

Sunday, September 02, 2018, by Project Urban

The landscaping for this 27-unit Mt Coolum project showcases the range of skills our Project Urban landscape architecture team can bring to the table.

So much more than deciding which plants are put where, this project needed a vegetated swale for bio-retention and flood retention.

The swale was planted with macrophytes (aquatic plants that grow in or near water) to assist with water cleansing, bank stabilisation and to prevent erosion.

Because the site was nestled into bushland, Council’s approval conditions required weed management and regeneration of the adjacent bushland and along the David Low Way. This was undertaken using soils and mulch from the site, which encourages natural regeneration of native seeds to augment the new plantings.

But it’s not all macrophytes and bushland, the project also included a communal recreation area, new street trees, lush grass lawns and low maintenance gardens.

This landscaping project was completed in January 2018, so just imagine how great it’s going to look this time next year. Click here to learn more about Landscape Architecture.

Click here to learn more about Landscape Architecture