Parking rates for units will increase soon

Wednesday, February 13, 2019, by Project Urban

With new, increased car parking rates for residential units on their way on the Sunshine Coast, you need to carefully consider the design of your development, and the timing for lodging a development application. Talk to us about the strategy that will work best for you and your situation.

These changes could be in place as early as next month (March 2019) with the amendments currently with the State Government for final review. 

In their Submission Response Report, Council stated that the existing rates were ‘aspirational’ in seeking to promote the use of public transport.  Council disagreed with industry submissions by stating the increase in parking rates would not impact on achieving residential densities.

However, as we indicated in our July 2018 article “Council’s please don’t increase parking rates for residential units” the additional parking requirements will add an extra five car parks to a typical 10-unit development taking the current requirement from 13 car parking spaces to 18 spaces.

Designers will need to find the extra space for covered car parking or reduce the yield which could mean deleting a unit from the project.

However, the news isn’t all bad.

Council will include a differential parking rate for units in the Centre zones and Tourist accommodation zone (which leaves parking rates at one resident space per unit).

However, for the majority of land zoned for residential units (medium and high-density residential zones) the parking rate will increase, negatively impacting on potential yields.

If you have a unit project in the pipeline, we highly recommend a discussion with us about the best way to secure appropriate parking rates for the site.  Strategy could play an important role in the design and outcome of your project.

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