What identification survey?

Monday, September 03, 2018, by Project Urban

An identification survey (ident or ID survey for short) is one of the most common types of surveys, but what is it exactly?

An ident survey ‘identifies’ the land according to the legal, registered plan description. An ident survey defines and remarks existing property boundaries and identifies any structural encroachments over the boundaries. The survey includes the preparation of an identification survey plan that is lodged with the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy as a survey record.

An ident survey is often undertaken for:

  • Certainty of extent of land that you own or are purchasing
  • New fencing or building works
  • Checking for building encroachments
  • Resolving boundary position disputes with neighbours.

So even when boundary markers are lost, or fences burn down, or land slips occur, the exact boundaries can be remeasured and pegged.

An ident survey can only be prepared by a registered cadastral surveyor. If you need an identification survey at your site, or any other type of survey, please contact us.